HipKnosis Biography

Headquartered in the Midwest, HipKnosis has gained a tremendous amount of regional buzz and critical acclaim, making the band very marketable for many reasons.

HipKnosis is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Heather Kelly and renowned musician, engineer, and producer Kirk Kaufman. The collaboration of Kelly and Kaufman began in 2006 and have produced not only the recent HipKnosis albums, a debut release titled "Catch a Rainbow". Reaction to this first album resulted not only with many positive reviews by regional publications and radio station personalities, but with the duo being signed by MTV due to Ms. Kelly's unique voice and the band's wide market appeal to several key demographics. Kirk Kaufman's credentials include owning and operating his own recording studio for over 40 years, and working with such artists as SlipKnot, BJ Thomas, and Brian Wilson. Kaufman was a member of "The Hawks", who in 1980 signed with Columbia Records for a two record deal and also received tremendous critical acclaim for their unique sound during the early 1980's.

HipKnosis headed back into the studio in late 2011 to complete their third full release, “Darkest Dreams.” This project has an expanded approach as Dave Hearn (also former member of "The Hawks") joined Kelly and Kaufman to become a major creative addition to the band, writing three songs and producing six basic tracks for the band's latest album.

Today, the group is comprised of five members led by Heather Kelly (vocals, multi-instrumentalist), Kirk Kaufman (bass), and Dave Hearn (keyboards), Melvin James (guitar) and Jon Passow (drums). The band continues to gain new fans with their sound of harmonies layered over guitars, keyboards and drums.  This sound can best be described as a pop music style that is uniquely "HipKnosis".

In September 2013 Kirk Kaufman received his fourth induction into the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame as he was presented with their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Dave Hearn (The Hawks - 2007) and Jon Passow (Ski Band - 2010) are also members of the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame as well.

HipKnosis Discography

Darkest Dreams - HipKnosis  
Catch a Rainbow (H&K)
Junior's Motel Records (2008)

Junior's Motel Records (2010)

Darkest Dreams
Junior's Motel Records (2012)

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